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We are a strong organization

In CR Legal Partners we are committed to your success, the core of our professional approach is to promote, protect and support the businesses of our clients, seeking the fast resolution and prevention of controversies, as well as the creation of new business and the generation of social value and economic wealth.


For this, and considering the complexity of our legal system, we offer valuable legal advice for our clients, particularly in the private sector, to allow them achieve their goals in Mexico.

Please contact us at: and let us know how can we help your organization to succeed. 

We are devoted to the interests of our clients, who belong to the following industries:

Mining Industry

Financial system

Foreign Trade

Manufacturing Industry

Agriculture & Livestock



Real Estate/Construction Industry

Energy Industry

Public Sector

Tell us your needs, we'll tell you what can we do for you:

Corporate Law

Mining Law

Labor Law

Water Law

Administrative Law


Imports & Exports

Intellectual Property

Certified Legal Translation (English-Spanish-English)


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